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SAF Protocol on Developing Position Statements
Approved 2009
Approved 2008
The Policy Statement recommends repeal or reform of the Federal Estate Tax.  The Policy Statement points out that the Federal Estate Tax (the "Death Tax") puts an unfair tax burden on timberland owners.
Estate Tax Reform
A number of states have already adopted strict regulations on commercial firewood marketing within their
borders. The Louisiana Society of American Foresters urges the adoption of such regulations by the Louisiana
Firewood Movement and Spread of Invasive Forest Pests
Role of Louisiana's Timber Severence Tax in the State's Forest Productivity Program
Approved 2010
75% of the Louisiana severence tax goes to fund roads and schools; the remaining 25% was allocated to the General Fund
until 1997, when the Legislature approved 75% of that portion to the Louisiana Forest Productivity Program to assist with reforestation.  This proposed Policy Statement would urge the Legislature to allocate the remainder of the 25% portion to the FPP as well.