GOAL:  To foster a relationship with graduating forestry seniors that will encourage them to remain in SAF after they obtain a job by helping bridge the transformation from student to forester with a  stable environment.


1)  LASAF contingent will attend a student chapter meeting at LSU and LA Tech to meet the students

2)  Enroll senior forestry students in the Mentor program

3)  Learn each senior’s interests and goals after graduation

4)  Pair the senior with a current LASAF member and one alternate member in the same area

5)  LASAF member or alternate makes arrangements to meet the  Senior and take them to a local Chapter meeting

6)  Introduce the Senior to other Chapter members to create a network of  contacts

7)  Maintain contact with the student after graduation

8)  Sponsor the graduate for SAF membership

9)  Make sure the graduate is included in LASAF activities in their local area

10) Continue to maintain contact with the graduate for up to one year after graduation

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