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LASAF Executive Committee Minutes August 13,2009

CALL TO ORDER:  Rick called the meeting to order at10:15 a.m.
Present:   George Ramsey, Eugene Austin, Mike Thomas, Vic Blanchard, Buck Vandersteen, Holly Morgan, Ray Newbold, Bill Ross, Bill Patterson, Terry Haines, Rick, Jacob, Dave Haywood, Jim Meeker, Steve Templin, Bill Wieger, David Stevens, Bill Siegel

Secretary’s Report      Steve Templin/Bill Wieger
Bill Wieger took the minutes of the last meeting held April 22, 2009 at the Annual Business Meeting in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Bill reviewed the minutes of that meeting.  Some minor corrections were made regarding the Gulf States Section and the 30 year reunion in 2010.  The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s ReportBuck Vandersteen
Buck gave a detailed report of our annual meeting.  We earned $3,127 profit from the meeting.  The main reason for the excess was from the sponsors.  We had 62 registrants and a very successful meeting.

Buck handed out and reviewed the up-to-date 2009 Financial Statement as well as a multi-year budget.  There was some discussion about the budget and future expenses.  One idea was to email newsletters rather than mail them, or a hybrid of email and mailings.  We have 500 copies of the newsletter printed.

Bill Wieger moved we send $500 to the Foresters Fund.  Holly Morgan seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

A discussion was made to budget $1,500 for travel expenses for LASAF chair and vice-chair to go to the national SAF meeting.  In addition, we dicussed donating $500 each to LSU and La Tech for sponsoring students to go to the National SAF convention, if they ask for it.  Bill Wieger made a motion for budgeting $2,500 for the above.  Holly seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Eugene Austin moved to accept the financial report.  Terry Haines seconded the motion.  It passed.

Rick Jacob discussed using the Strategic Goals format as an ongoing format to track progress of each item.

Cypress ManagementSteve Templin
Steve reported that the committee has been working at putting together a comprehensive report.  We anticipate having a first draft of the report by the fourth quarter 2009.

Science IssuesJim Meeker
The Firewood Movement and Spread of Invasive Pests position statement was approved by LASAF.

Jim Meeker reported that infestations of Laurel Wilt disease are moving in South Mississippi.  This disease will kill redbay and will affect other species, including sassafras.  The “Don’t Move Firewood” movement will be helpful for containing that disease as well as preventing the spread of the emerald ash borer.

Bill Wieger reported that the emerald ash borer information is prevalent in Indiana.  The information in northern states is good to stop the movement of firewood.  Kentucky now has emerald ash borer infestations.

There are no SPB infestations in LA, MS, or TX.
George Ramsey mentioned that there are many Ips beetles in LA.

Policy Statement Bill Siegel
Bill stated we have 5 position statements on our website.
“Endangered Species” and “Timber Management  on Kisatchie National Forests” – both of these are old and should be removed.
“Estate Tax”, “Firewood” and “Biomass for Energy Production” – the biomass should be expanded to include the definition of woody biomass.

The current Cypress position statement contains inaccuracies.  Dave Haywood moved to remove the “Cypress”, “Endangered Species”, and “Kisatchie” position statements from our website.  Vic Blanchard seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

George Ramsey suggested we look at the “Endangered Species” policy statement to see if it can be improved and re-submitted.

Policy statement will be reviewed annually.

Bill Siegel will draft position statements for:
Forest Productivity Program
Capital Gains
Expand Biomass Definition on the Biomass Statement

Bill Wieger suggested we inform members about the water act and/or other policy issues.  Bill Siegel gets updates from National SAF.  Siegel will get information email from National and will pass it on to Rick Jacob for dissemination to members via email.

Holly Morgan mentioned potential regulations regarding non-point source pollution for seven watershed areas throughout the state through RC&D.  We should monitor their work and help with input.  Holly will monitor this and report back next meeting.

Media CommunicationsRay Newbold
Ray Newbold put an article in the Piney Woods Journal for our state meeting.  Ray also submitted an article to The Forest Resource.  Ray asked for Chapter Chairs to give him information and maybe a picture of speakers and a short article about chapter meetings, then Ray will get it in the local paper.

Fundraising   Eugene Austin
Eugene reported that we should be able to get the same sponsors as last year.  Right now, he is working at getting sponsors for Forest Awareness, September 22-23 in DeSoto, September 26-27 in Natchitoches, and October 6-7 in Sabine.  Bill Wieger mentioned that some parishes have USFS money for education that could be used.

Recognition  Dave Haywood
Dave reviewed the awards given out at the Annual Meeting.

Newsletter    Dave Haywood
Dave sent out emails of the newsletters as well as mailing the newletters.  Dave also mentioned he sent out emails regarding CFE.  Dave discussed several ideas for the up-coming newsletter.  The next newsletter comes out the end of September.

We discussed the possibility of sending newsletters to foresters who are not members along with a sticker asking them to join SAF.  A separate mailing list can be used, and then combine the mailing.  Email mailings will also be made.

Student Mentor Program     Holly Morgan
Holly mentioned that the mentors have been assigned to students.  Most mentors have contacted their students.  Mentors should contact Holly to let her know how it is going.

Holly set up a Facebook page and offered to help the Forestry Clubs.

Membership Report:
We’ve lost 60 members
289 members in LASAF
A lot of members have been purged from the membership list.  Holly will put together the list and will send it out to the executive committee so we can call them.

Forestry EducationBarry Crain
Barry is retiring.  Rick will contact him to see if he intends to continue.

Bill Wieger suggested that Internal/External Relations should include outreach to the Forestry Museum and scouting.

2009 Action Plan   Rick Jacob
Rick discussed the Action Plan as a living document.  Everyone agreed that this is a helpful framework to monitor our progress and accomplishments.

Budgeting      Buck Vandersteen
A four year budget was presented.

ArchivesBill Patterson
Bill checked out the archives at La Tech library and made a list of records.  Some records went back to 1947.  Bill asked for updated records for missing years.

Membership PromotionBill Wieger
Bill discussed the mock-up of a brochure he designed for attracting new and potentially re-instating members.  Anyone having comments should give them to Bill by the end of August.  He and Dave will investigate the costs of publishing the brochure.

CFE CoordinatorsBill Wieger
Bill discussed the requirements for earning CFE credits and the meaning of the Certified Forester credential.

2009 Annual MeetingDavid Stevens
66 members attending and 38 members going on the field trip.  Rick Jacob gave David accolades for the fine meeting.  Rick mentioned that perhaps we should give a memento to our speakers in the future.

2010 Annual MeetingTerry Haines
Terry gave out an outline agenda for next year’s meeting that commemorates the Gulf States Reunion Meeting.  Terry discussed potential speakers and led a discussion to get opinions on various ideas and speakers.

Eugene Austin discussed that the cost of the meeting will be around $100 per person this year.  Therefore, we should make more money this year.

Cenla ChapterGeorge Ramsey
George mentioned June at the Forest Heritage Museum.  Tour of the museum and Jim Barnett gave a talk about the work the museum is planning.    The next meeting is October 6, 2009 at the Woodworth Wildlife and Fisheries.  The next meeting will start with shooting clays.

Pineywoods ChapterDavid Stevens
Glen Austin spoke at the last meeting in July.  Alan Small spoke in June.  Another meeting is the last Wednesday in August.

Southeast ChapterVic Blanchard
Vic had a meeting in May to tour a Wilbert & Sons hardwood tour and had about 20.  A meal was given at a local restaurant.  Oct. 7 or 8 will be the next meeting.

La Tech Student ChapterBill Patterson
School starts later in September this year.  Bill mentioned they meet once a month.  Rachael Dunn is new president and Ben Holden is the new vice-president.

North LA GroupBill Ross
Their next meeting will be in October after school gets back into swing.  The meeting place will probby be in Ruston.

Southwest ChapterRick Jacob
The next meeting will be September 10 in DeRiddeer.  Paul Stone will talk about the Beauregard Landowners Association.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be November 12, 2009.

Adjourn 3:40 p.m.