Meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

Quorum was certified as being present, which included Executive Committee of: Rick Jacob, Chair; Terry Haines, Vice-Chair; Bill Weiger, Committeeperson and substitute Secretary; Buck Vandersteen, Treasurer; and Dave Haywood, Bill Siegel, Holly Morgan, David Stevens, Eugene Austin, Ray Newbold, Jim Meeker.  In total about 20 to 25 members were present.

Guests were Jan Davis, National Councilperson for the District, and Louise Murgia, Staffperson from National Office.

Minutes of the previous Execcomm meeting of February 12, 2009 were handed out, reviewed and approved.

Teller reported that the results of the ballot for Vice Chair were unanimous for Terry Haines.

Treasurer Vandersteen handed out the report dated April 20, 2009; and further reported that 1 CD was cashed in on its renewal date for $1,223 and put into the account.  Current checkbook balance is $2,646.19.  Year to date, income has been $4,789 and expense has been $7,932.
  The major income and expenses for the annual meeting have yet to be completely incorporated, which appear to be completely incorporated, which appear to be satisfactorily positive at this time.  The fundraising of the silent auction and raffles will produce another very good pool of money to be split between Louisiana purposes and the National Foresters Fund.
   One purpose for the CD cash-out was for application for the unusual purchase of promotional equipment and materials, such as the tabletop display, and the several personal-type items which are for sale and which were on display.
   The Treasurer's report was approved.

Strategic Plan for the Louisiana SAF was unveiled by Chair Jacob.  The intent is to orient the various activities that have been traditionally recognized and reported, into key areas of results or strategies, in alliance with the strategic elements of the SAF's National Strategic Plan.  Thereby the LASAF can relate its actions and accomplishments to the National template, and can try to strengthen national SAF endeavors, and also LASAF can judge itself against the National model.

Strategic Goal #1 - Forest Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management

Holly Morgan reported about the Cypress Task Force, in the absence of Chair Steve Templin.
It was initiated last year, to develp guidelines for onsite application that will enable Practitioners to apply the best scientific and silvicultural information, to accomplish sustainable management of a practical basis for the cypress-tupelo forest type in the coastal areas of Louisiana.  Thus far, "mats" and harvesting are to be parts of practical guidelines, and not mandates.  Intent is to create a document supported by peer review validation.  Chair Templin is emphasizing a fast track to pull together all the acquired information.

Strategic Goal #2 - Public/Policy Engagement

Policies:  Bill Siegel addressed the LASAF Position Statement regarding the Corps of Engineers and Section 10, with the advice the language was correct at the time, and has not been reviewed for appropriate update, which he plans to do.
-- An annual review is intended for all Position Statements for current relevance.
-- Renewable Fuels Statement  is one that is of particular current importance for review.
-- "Firewood Movement" is to be a new potential position statemenbt.  A draft is to be published on the website and in the newsletter, which will then be open for comments and membership  vote.

Strategic Goal #3 - Internal/External Relations

LASAF Mentor program was reviewed by Holly Morganb.  Intent is to establish contacts with students who will be graduating as a means of solidifying a contact with SAF and an inclination by the graduate to continue wigth SAF membership.  In particular there is to be a special effort to get the students and especially the new graduates to local SAF meetings.

4-H request was conveyed by Brian Chandler for funds to aid with the costs for the Forestry Team's national competition.  Motion by Chandler for $500, and passed.  It was noted that the focus for 4-H is also to be a component of thge Goal #3.

Forestry Education is to be added to Goal #3 to includethe attention to the Teachers Tour, and Forest Awareness Weeks.

Stragetic Goal #4 - Organizational Improvement

Membership Promotion via development of an especially strong message brochure.  Bill Wieger distributed a very rough draft of a portion of a brochure that he is compiling.  When the text and illustrations are completely compiled, it will be available for review.
Question was asked about the new National publications as options.  Wieger's response was that SAF needs a publication which grabs a potential member or renewal member's attention as to benefits available to the individual.  A basic premise is to forcefully depict the current SAF as "not your father's SAF", i.e. that it is a great deal more, and that the person looking at the brochure would be on the "defensive" as to why in the world he/she is not a member.  Regarding the National literature, by comparison, it is milquetoast-type dialogue.

"E-Forester" e-mail type communications for Louisiana SAF was suggested (again).  Comment was made that such an idea had been an intention several years ago, particularly via Kerry Livengood, but that the mission was never accomplished.  The intent will be placed within the strategic objectives.
Strategic Plan, as presented was moved for acceptance by Wieger, and passed.

Commentary by National Councilperson Jan Davis (District XI).  She reported about some National procedures as background to the Strategic Planb which evolved with the 5 outcomes.  Of particular note, she adivsed that the proposed LASAF Strategic Plan as compiled by Chair Jacob, has been very well received per circulation among Council members, and it is to be used as an example at the May Council meeting.

Announcement about 2010 Annual Meeting was made by Vice Chair Terry Haines, which is to be a joint meeting of the MS + LA +TX Societies, as a recollecgtion  of the former Gulf States Section, and as a 30th year recognition of the split into the current 3 chapters.

Adjournment at 5:45 p.m.
APRIL 22, 2009