William (Bill) Wieger, CF from Pineville was elected to Fellow in 2007.   He was among 25 honorees nationally for the award which recognizes "long term outstanding service to forestry and to the Society of American Foresters."

    Bill is a 44-year member with substantial activity in six states.  For example, he cofounded the NW Colorado Chapter.  While in New England, he served on the Annual Program Committee, and testified at the Senate field hearing for the Metcalf-Hatfield Bill.  He was the Membership Chair in the Ouachita Section of SAF.  In Louisiana, he initiated the CFE program in 1988 and currently is the State Coordinator.  Bill served as Louisiana State Chair in 1989 and 2004.  As a continuing key member of the LASAF Executive Committee, Bill has led several other important projects, including establishing a forestry awareness trail at our local forestry museum, and is the originator of the Forest Resources Float for parades.  He received the Distinguished Service to Forestry Award in 2001.

    Nationally, Bill Wieger is a member of the Certification Review Board, and was a candidate for National Council in 2004 and 2007, with complete background information widely disseminated at those times.  He is a Director-Emeritus of the Louisiana Forestry Association where he has served in various capacities including Treasurer. 

    He is retired from Roy O. Martin Lumber Co. as Forest Manager, and has been a principal in alternative energy (transportation fuels) ventures.  He is also very active in Kiwanis and initiated and single-handedly runs a program to honor outstanding students in Central Louisiana.  As part of this effort, Bill originated and chairs a weekly teenage newspaper feature "Community Commendations".  He is an aviator with a Sport Pilot License for gyrocopters, and pursues skiing, scuba diving, and other sports.  He is active in several other organizations pursuing a life-long interest in natural resource issues and the politics surrounding them.