Currently, a period of change prevails for the Category #1 requirement.  For those whose recertification date occurs February 2, 2011 and after, for recertification the CFE component is the same total hours of 60; but with a Category #1 accrual requirement of 40 hyours (as compared to the previous 30 hours).

Thus, for those CFs whose recertification date if after February 1, 2011, those individuals are actually in the 3-year time-frame for which a minimum of 40 credit hours of Category #1 are required to be posted in the National records prior to the individual's particular recertification date.

Beyond the minimum requirement of 40 hours of Category 1, the remaining hours can be any amount across the Categories of #1, #2, & #3.

This change was effective as of February 2, 2008, and had been described in previous LASAF newsletters.  The Certification Board is concerned that all those who will be recertifying in less than 2 years are alerted and thoroughly aware of the revised requirement for the minimum of Category #1 hours.  There also will be alerts published periodically in the Forestry Source.

                                                                    Bill Wieger, CF and
                                                                                                  Member, Certification Review Board
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