Pineywoods Journal   June, 2001
An interview with Niels deHoop, Chairperson of the Louisiana SAF for 2001, discussing his ideas for making SAF more relevant for field foresters.
On this celebration of Earth Day, Louisiana SAF finds that timber harvesting conducted by professional foresters using BMPs are helping to remove this activity from the LA DEQ list of suspected sources of water pollution.
Alexandria Town Talk   May 10, 2001
Implementation of the Clinton-era Roadless Rule being reconsidered by the Bush administration is not likely to affect the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.
Pineywoods Journal   June, 2001
Implementation of the Clinton-era Roadless Rule being reconsidered by the Bush administration is not likely to affect the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.
Louisiana SAF as well as the National SAF made great accomplishments in the year 2000, many of which will benefit the practice of forestry in the future.
With heavy media scrutiny, it has become critically important that all foresters find a common message that will explain our profession and the benefits of forest management.
At the May meeting of the LASAF Executive Committee, plans were made for the Annual Meeting, and for participating in the Louisiana Teachers Tour in June.
This Top Ten list highlights how important forest management has been throughout our history.
SAF is 100 years old, and to celebrate the Louisiana SAF traced the history of forest management in our state from 1900 until the present.
Pineywoods Journal    Feb, 2001
Pineywoods Journal   Jan, 2001
LASAF helped sponsor the 2001 Teachers Tour, designed to expose selected teachers to forestry practices and processing facilities.
LA SAF has approved a Policy Statement proposing amending the ESA to include incentives-based
land management for endangered species recovery.
An interview with Jan Boydston and Emelise Cormier of the LA Department of Environmental Quality
LASAF member William C. Siegel, a forester from River Ridge, Louisiana, has been recognized by the nation's leading forestry organization for service to his professional society. He will receive the Society of American Foresters' John A. Beale Memorial Award at the 2002 SAF National Convention, which will be held October 5-9 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
On this 32nd anniversary of Earth Day, the Society of American Foresters submits the Top Ten accomplishments of Louisiana's foresters that have benefited the earth.

Pineywoods Journal  May, 2002
Beginning January 1, 2003, all forestry professionals wishing to become certified under the CF program will need to pass an exam. Foresters who are active in the CF program as of December 31, 2002, will not be required to take the examination to maintain their certification.

Foresters became the celebreties, known for their skills at map reading, traversing large tracts of land, and monumenting locations in the deep woods.  We were in high demand and we responded with open hearts and willing bodies.
The Society of American Foresters is holding its first ever "Legislative Days" so its members can take advantage of SAF's contacts on Capitol Hill and connect with the policymakers who influence and create the nation's forest laws and regulations.
by Sherri Taylor, Pineywoods Journal  June 2003
Education appears to be the key to a better forest.  Education of foresters to teach them the natural ecological processes and to give them the tools to manage a forest.  Education of the public to show them where they can get help or information about forests.  And continuing education of practicing foresters to keep them abreast of new technology and changes in the profession.